My name is Daniel Guerrero. I'm a freelancer developer located in Mexico.

I work on web technologies from User Interactive (like Adobe Flex or Javascript) and Server Side (PHP), including Cloud Computing developments. You can see more at my Skills section

I'm focus on web technologies and I'm skilled on backend and frontend

  • PHP
    Zend Certified Engineer
    I work with very common frameworks or libraries for PHP like:
    • Zend Framework
    • Drupal
    Integration with several API's like:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • OpenAuth
    • Google APIs
  • Adobe Flex
    Desktop and web, integration with backends like PHP and using recently added functions like raw microphone or sound access, using native apps and multitouch.
  • Javascript
    AJAX, I use major libraries like jQuery or ExtJS
  • MySQL
    Design and optimization. Cloud developments like clustering or master/slave. Also use special extensions like GeoSpatial or Full Text Indexes
  • Cloud Computing with Amazon AWS
    EC2, S3, EBS, SimpleDB, SQS, RDS and Mechanical Turk
  • Lucene and Solr for indexing and searching